Personalize your favorite sneakers

Garrixon provides a post-retail customization service. On classic branded silhouettes, you can choose new colors and materials, or personalize them with your own logos and graphics.

Customers must supply a new, unworn pair for us to de-construct to ensure authenticity and quality.

Our creations

The Yeti by Hablo Design

A custom Nike Dunk featuring grey suede and sherpa fur accents. The tongue features a zipper stash pock while baby yetis dance across the insole.


Influencer Chandler Goodwin wanted her college artwork to live beyond the university walls. We converted her favorite painting into a custom pair of kicks that showcases her talents on feet.

Roberto Lugo

Ceramic artist Roberto Lugo hand-painted canvases that we tooled into true sneaker art on an Air Jordan 4 & Nike Air Force 1 Mid.

Anderson Bluu x Converse

Part of Foot Locker's COLLABORAID series, we worked with artist Anderson Bluu on his collaborative Lemonade Converse sneaker. The shoe is inspired by his childhood summer days filled with family BBQs, endless cookouts, and homemade lemonade. Anderson pays homage with this project to his youthful days spent working his lemonade stand built to fund his love for sneakers.

Stir Fry AJ1s

Korean gaming company NCSoft connected with marketing agency Gallagher and Garrixon to gift Migos the "Stir Fry" AJ1 pack. All pairs featured painted leather underlays, textured leather lacestays and Swooshes, velvet overlays, traditional tassles at the heels. Each sneaker embodied a daringly different mood to pay tribute to each Migos' member's personality.

Me Salvé

Retail company Me Salvé created footwear that embodied the company's vibrant branding.

Louis Vuitton x Air Jordan 1

Taking a sustainable approach, Amanda Nelson upcycled her Louis Vuitton bag into two fresh pair of kicks – a custom Jordan 1 & Jordan 11 Golf.

Ryan Howard

We've converted former professional baseball athlete Ryan Howard's favorite sneakers into golf cleats – it's the reason why he's earning more birdies than his golf buddies.