Garrixon is an end-to-end footwear designer and manufacturer, offering a spectrum of services including sampling and prototyping, small run manufacturing and on-site activations for individuals, brands, and organizations.

With a mission to create the world’s greatest sneaker playground, we drive and shape what the footwear industry can be. We shorten the timeline from concept to actual product by leveraging technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. Our team of shoemakers, designers, and crafts persons share a mission, which is to disrupt the status quo of the sneaker industry, making it more inclusive and demystifying the process.


We work with agencies, retailers, and brands to bring footwear experiences to consumers by teaching them the foundation of shoemaking. Activations range from single-day to week-long boot camps for groups that range from 10 to 150 participants.

UBIQ x adidas

ComplexCon: Long Beach, CA

Green House x incorp[HER]ated

Garrixon Studio: Philadelphia, PA

Foot Locker x adidas

West Garfield Park Foot Locker: Chicago, IL


Nike World Headquarters: Beaverton, OR


We teamed up with Yellowbrick and The Fashion Institute of Technology Manhattan to deliver Sneaker Essentials, a digital certificate program on Sneaker Making and Retail Strategy.

Our classes are offered throughout the year in different cities. Over the course of 5 days, you will learn how to deconstruct, pattern, cut, glue, skive, stitch, last and sidewall. 


We provide design, development, and prototyping services.

If you are an agency, brand, or someone interested in developing footwear, please contact us by filling out the form below.

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