Do I need to be a professional shoe designer?
Not at all. Our mission is to demystify the shoe-making process— and anyone has the power to design their own shoe.

Do I need to submit my design in a 3D rendering?
Nope! You can submit your design however you want: hand-drawn drawing, computer-aided drawing, 3D rendering— anything goes! 

How do I submit my final design?
Post an image, video, or multiple images of your design to your Instagram feed with the hashtag #CreateWithGRXN and tag @garrixonstudio in the image. Your Instagram account must be public. If you don't have an Instagram account, upload your final design to us here. Either entry method is acceptable for the contest, but select Instagram posts will be reposted to our Instagram story and feed. You can submit as many designs as you want.

Any other restrictions I should know about?
Submissions will be accepted for a 4-week period. Designs must be submitted by 11:59PM ET on June 28, 2020 to be eligible.

Do I have to use particular materials?
Nope! You can use whatever materials you’d like, but keep in mind the goal is to have your design be produced in multiple quantities, so 1-of-1 or rare fabrics and materials will limit how scalable your design is to produce.

What could I win?
You could win a chance to see your design come to life. You could turn your concept from a drawing to something you can wear, and even a production run that could hit store shelves. Two finalists will work with the Garrixon team on patterning, grading, and sampling to get ready for production. Once sampled, we’ll presale your shoe through Garrixon.com and UBIQlife.com and you’ll get a cut of the profits (30% for the winner, 10% for the runner up). So, ultimately you’ll win cash through the sales of your shoe.

Who is Garrixon, and what are they looking for in top submissions?
Garrixon is an end to end footwear designer and manufacturer, offering a spectrum of services including sampling and prototyping, small run manufacturing and on site activations for individuals, brands, and organizations. With a mission to create the world’s greatest sneaker playground, we drive and shape what the footwear industry can be. We shorten the timeline from concept to actual product by leveraging technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. Our team of shoemakers, designers, and crafts persons share a mission is to disrupt the status quo of the sneaker industry, making it more inclusive and demystifying the process.

Is everyone eligible?
We accept submissions from anyone of any age in the world.

How is the winner selected?
The Garrixon team and a panel of expert judges will pick the top 16 designs. Our panel of judges includes Daniel Bailey (Concept Kicks), Steven Smith (Executive Designer of YEEZY), Racks Hogan (Complex Media Personality & founder of Grayskull), Lance Dornagon (Director Men's Buying of Kith), Madison Blank (Men's Fashion Director of Saks Fifth Avenue), and Bryan Poerner (Country Manager of Diadora).
Those 16 designs will go head-to-head for 2 weeks through voting on the Garrixon Instagram story. The final 4 will have the opportunity to share their story through video interviews. The final 2 will be sampled and will compete for presales. Both designs will get produced, and the design with the most presales wins an opportunity to launch their shoe at UBIQ with in-store and digital displays.