An atmos Design Contest Finalist
By Sameeksha Ambolikar

The name “Leoquest” derives from the combination of the words “Leo” for leopard and “quest” for the desire to hunt. Together, the sneaker's name suggests a search for your inner strength.

Behind the Design

A fearless, powerful leopard inspired Sameeksha Ambolikar's concept due to the animal’s strength and dignity. She believes this creature teaches humans how to live a balanced and simplified life.

Sameeksha created this sneaker with the idea of “rebellion is coming.” She hopes to empower others to feel confident, courageous, and fearless. 

The Details

Love for Nature

Olive green tones for a soothing, relaxing effect. Brings a sense of harmony.

A Bold Statement

Camouflage and tiger prints act as accents for vibrancy.

About the Designer

Sameeksha Ambolikar is a footwear design student with a dream to support her family and become independent. As a designer, she believes that by working together, you receive something unique for your brand/service. Sameeksha entered the atmos Design Contest to test her potential and showcase her experience in the industry. Sameeksha currently resides in Nagpur City, Maharashtra, India. In her spare time she plays volleyball and dances. You can often find her painting or sketching. 


Garrixon teamed up with Japanese sneaker empire atmos to launch its second design contest. Targeting entry-level designers, participants created custom colorways on three sneaker designs using pattern swatches hand-selected by the atmos design team.

Hommyo Hidefumi, Founder Of Atmos, And Kojima Hirofumi, Creative Director Of Atmos, selected the top 16 designs, which competed in a voting bracket on Instagram stories.

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