atmos Design Contest Winner
By Rohan Kumar

While combat boots are often first to come to mind when trekking, Rohan created a sneaker that integrated both lifestyle and hiking. 


Trekking shoes are an extension of your feet. An ill-fitting pair with thoughtless design can slow you down and even halt your hike. Rohan originally thought of this sneaker as a boot, but the idea evolve into something more for the GRXN_EDIT_07 outsole. While combat boots are often first to come to mind, Rohan wanted to create a new model that integrated both lifestyle and hiking. 

To ensure functionality, Rohan selected the GRXN_EDIT_07 outsole due to the grip on the sole providing the ideal functionality every adventurer needs. Foreseeing the inevitable dirt and puddles every hiker encounters, he used camouflage to pay homage to the greenery seen on treks. 

The Details

Style meets functionality

The traction from the outsole provides the experience adventurers needs for their journey.

Surrounded by nature

Camouflage accents to pay homage to the greenery frequently seen on treks.

About the Designer

Rohan Kumar is a design student based in Noida, Delhi. He entered the atmos Design Contest to gain more design experience and showcase his knowledge. In his free time, Rohan illustrates sneakers and edits videos. He enjoys volleyball, badminton, and basketball. 

atmos Design Contest

Garrixon teamed up with Japanese sneaker empire atmos to launch its second design contest. Targeting entry-level designers, participants created custom colorways on three sneaker designs using pattern swatches hand-selected by the atmos design team.

Hommyo Hidefumi, Founder Of Atmos, And Kojima Hirofumi, Creative Director Of Atmos, selected the top 16 designs, which competed in a voting bracket on Instagram stories.

atmos Design Contest Winners


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